Productivity Tips


Virtual Assistants (VA)

It's essential you spend your time on tasks that make the best use of your time. Stop trying to do other tasks (often badly imo). VAs can do a range of tasks so you can spend your time on what you're good at! Think invoicing, admin, diary management, social media, answering calls, cash collection. VA's often require only a small number of hour committment each month so you're carefully managing your overheads.



Is there anything worse than having to deal with an untidy house after a full-on day at work.  Cut yourself some slack and get someone to help you do it. Even a few hours every other week will make a huge difference, do it!


Robot Hoover

You might think this is  a laugh and it is kinda funny but this has changed my life (tiny exaggeration). It makes a massive difference when you can see the floors are all clean instead of just noticing they are but not having the time to do it. They  come in a range of prices so if hoovering is something you just can't get to, this will really help you. Enjoy!